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Financial digital signage

Financial digital signage
In the bank and financial sector your customer’s experience can be significantly improved. Infotainment in combination with relevant information, such as current rates and special deals, reduces the perceived waiting time. Of course you can choose for triggering your customers to perform self-service banking through the availability of touch screen kiosks.

Financial digital signage allows you to:
• Inform customers about services and products available
• Share the latest interest rates
• Highlight special promotions
• Reduce the perceived waiting time by showing news updates or Live TV
• Facilitate self-service banking

Safe and secure financial digital signage
Financial corporations have chosen the Adtraxion digital signage solution because of its exceptional secure way of communicating. Security and data integrity are of vital importance when distributing information over networks. Adtraxion uses its own encryption technique, making it exceptionally secure, even over public domains such as the Internet.

Other applications:
• Retail • CorporateEducationHospitalityVarious

Example of digital signage in the finance & banking branche