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Corporate digital signage

Corporate digital signage
With the Adtraxion digital signage solution companies have the possibility to deploy an effective, a more appealing and cost effective way of communication. Compared to ‘old media’, digital signage creates more awareness among your employees, and can convey considerably more information.

Corporate digital signage allows you to:
• Inform your employees on upcoming events, production status and sales figures
• Publish management announcements
• Create higher employee engagement
• Entertain staff members
• Show training and safety videos
• Welcome and inform your guests in the lobby

Download the ‘Digital signage corporate communications’ whitepaper here.

Optimize your internal communication with corporate digital signage
More and more we see digital signage solution replacing (cork) bulletin boards and internal memos. The reason for this is that companies understand the power of digital signage. It is the ideal medium for making your staff aware of company information and keeping them up-to-date. With digital signage it is easy to share your message more appealing and attention grabbing.

Corporate digital signage optimizes the effectiveness of our internal communications. The Adtraxion digital signage allows you to schedule specific content to different day parts and for different areas/departments in your company. This results in delivering your messages with maximum impact.

Other applications:

Example of digital signage in the corporate branche