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VieCuri Medisch Centrum

How can VieCuri Medisch Centrum inform hundreds of visitors each day, provide them with easy way finding, while exploiting the commercial opportunities at the same time?

"We have been looking for a solution which would provide us with more flexibility, and which at the same time would resemble the modern image we are striving for", says Linda Wijnhoven, project manager at VieCuri Medisch Centrum.

In close consultation with the local application manager, VieCuri Medisch Centrum decided to implement the Adtraxion digital signage solution. This has resulted in enhanced communication towards their visitors, higher productivity and new commercial opportunities.

Each day VieCuri Medisch Centrum receives hundreds of visitors. Its goal is to inform these visitors on a variety of subjects. From easy way finding to daily menus in the restaurant. This has to be done from a centrally controlled system, which allows VieCuri Medisch Centrum to share information in an effective and efficient manner.

In the past, VieCuri Medisch Centrum used PowerPoint to display meeting room listing. This proved to be very time consuming and inflexible. All records had to be typed manually and after publishing it was not easy to adapt the room listing. Therefore, a connection with their existing software (Ultimo Facility Management) was considered to be a major requirement for the future system.

VieCuri Medisch Centrum has implemented the Adtraxion digital signage solution, in combination with several 42" displays. These displays are positioned in high traffic areas such as the main hall and restaurant entrance. The hospital's visitors are kept up to date on relevant subjects and are provided easy way finding.

Publishing information has been less time consuming and far more flexible. By deploying the Adtraxion Ultimo connection, the meeting room listing is now published (and adapted) automatically.

Digital signage has also offered VieCuri Medisch Centrum to gain from commercial benefits. The centre is able to highlight the hospital's by-products and services, as well as promotions from the in-house shops.

As a result the visitor's experience is more pleasurable and visitors arrive at their place of destination at all times.

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Digital signage on high-traffic areas

Digital signage showing meeting room information

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