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De Groene Campus

With the Adtraxion digital signage solution De Groene Campus (The Green Campus) has fulfilled their desire to implement a new -more effective- communication channel. They have managed to enhance their communication towards students, staff and visitors.

Dutch AV company RT Vision Audiovisueel has successfully implemented the Adtraxion digital signage solution. Visitors are informed through 42" displays, which are placed in high traffic locations throughout the entire campus. RT Vision AV's director, Martijn Roodenrijs, who was in control of the project said: "In close cooperation with De Groene Campus we have established a new communication channel, which has enhanced the on-campus communication significantly and at the same time meets the environmental friendly values of De Groene Campus."

In the past De Groene Campus communicated through paper flyers, which has proven to be inconvenient, very time consuming, and not in accord with the modern image of De Groene Campus. Therefore they desired a more effective, flexible and modern communication channel.

The new system had to be suitable to display a variety of information: from canteen information to special events, and from welcome messages to up-to-date timetables.

De Groene Campus now provides information through displays that really catches the eye of every visitor. Students and staff are fully informed, whereas visitors are friendly welcomed at the front entrance. How about that for a first impression!

Thanks to the connection between existing time table software (gp-Untis) and the Adtraxion digital signage solution, De Groene Campus keeps their students up-to-date regarding time tables and room changes in real-time.

Also, De Groene Campus offers companies to use the system as well. They have the opportunity of displaying information during meetings, conferences or any other special event. This is highly appreciated by the companies involved.

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Digital signage at a reception

Digital signage in the education branche

De Groene Campus building

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