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Best Western Hotel Hiddingerberg

These days, many hotels offer more than just rooms and beds. They are also venues for corporate events, conferences, weddings and parties. Best Western Hotel Hiddingerberg is a prime example of such a hotel. Among rooms they offer several pleasant meeting rooms for groups, suited for many purposes.

NOORDHUIS kantoorspecialisten has deployed the Adtraxion digital signage solution for improved communication with guests. “In the past many guests had to ask directions. With digital signage Best Western Hotel Hiddingerberg can easily display meeting room information, so guests know where they are expected the moment they enter the front entrance,” says Roel Waayer, office equipment advisor at NOORDHUIS Kantoorspecialisten. “On top of that Best Western now has the possibility of promoting their full line of offerings.” 

Confronted by guests that were searching for the appropriate meeting rooms, often staff of Best Western Hotel Hiddingerberg had to direct guests to the applicable room.

In order to improve the guest experience and relieve front-desk personnel, easier navigation was necessary. The solution had to provide up-to-date information on meeting locations and schedules, preferably at the front entrance of the hotel.
To be able to anticipate adequately on changing situations, maintaining the digital signage and meeting room information had to involve minimal effort. Therefore it should be possible to be changed fast and easy.

Besides enhancing their guests' navigation, Best Western Hotel Hiddingerberg also wanted to provide more information about their full line of offerings, and numerous achievements the hotel has celebrated, in the future.

With the Adtraxion digital signage solution Best Western Hotel Hiddingerberg has deployed an easy & effective way to communicate with their guests.

Guests are welcomed at the front entrance and immediately know where they are expected. Thanks to the improved navigation the guest experience has improved and front-desk personnel are relieved from some of their tasks.

Alongside the meeting room information Best Western Hotel Hiddingerberg also shares general information about their full line of offerings. This is possible due the use of a layout, which consists out of multiple zones.

The Adtraxion Manager software enables easy and fast operation of the digital signage. Changes in scheduling and information about the hotel are made at a glance.

About NOORDHUIS Kantoorspecialisten
Personal attention, great skills in quickly finding real solutions and a compact, open organization with few (organizational) layers. These often form the basis of long-term relationships with our customers. We specialize in creating a pleasant working environment for large and small businesses offices, governments and institutions. The company operates from Meppel (main office), Emmeloord, Den Helder and Zwolle.

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Digital signage for hotels

Best Western Hotel Hiddingerberg front entrance

Digital signage at the Best Western Hotel Hiddingerberg

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